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Plants For Our Mood And Their Advantages In Landscape Design

Updated: Mar 8

Coniferous plants have a special place in landscape design, some species of which appeared relatively recently in the vast expanses of our country.

Evergreen conifers delight us with their greenery throughout the year, therefore they have many advantages in beautifying the yard:

  • They enliven the space even in winter, they give the yard a magnificent and rich look.

  • Numerous varieties help to create lively compositions of various shapes and colors.

  • They do not require constant maintenance.

  • Most importantly, coniferous plants take care of our health, they secrete essential oils, phytoncides, enrich the air with the smell of the forest, absorb dust and noise to a high degree, soften the microclimate around the house or cottage, stop the reproduction of some viruses, bacteria and insects, and moisturize the air. With a colossal amount of oxygen and phytoncides, juniper is the undisputed champion among medicinal trees.

Correct planting of conifers

When choosing seedlings, you should give preference to plants grown in local nurseries. Only in this case you can be sure that the plant is fully adapted to the local climatic conditions.

The soil for planting conifers must also meet certain requirements:

  • The soil should be loose. This is necessary for the supply of oxygen to the roots.

  • Conifers (with a few exceptions) prefer acidic soil.

  • Conifers (with a few exceptions) prefer acidic soil.

  • Drainage is necessary so that excess moisture does not collect in the roots and does not contribute to their decay.

  • It is best to plant conifers in early autumn.

  • Each seedling should be planted in a hole that should not exceed 85 cm.

  • The distance between neighboring plants ideally ranges from 90 to 160 cm.

  • For better growth of young plants, it is necessary to add sand and clay to the soil.

  • For six months after planting conifers, it is necessary to feed the soil with mineral fertilizers.

  • Watering is important for plants in dry summer. During the season, 5-6 irrigations are enough for a 20-liter plant.

  • In order for the crown to be thicker, annual shoots should be cut by a third every spring.

  • Young trees, whose height does not reach a meter in winter, are recommended to be covered with spruce branches or a paper bag to prevent burns from winter frost.

  • Regular loosening of the soil around the stem promotes the rapid growth of conifers.

  • Too bright sunlight and strong wind damage conifers.

The best place for conifers?

First, you need to know the dimensions of your yard. If the area is large, then the following evergreens are planted:

- Tuya Western. The height of the tree reaches 5 meters. To give the shape of an arrow, the branches must be cut. Thuja is best used to create a living fence..

- Spruce with blue cones, Moonglow and Blue Arrow. It reaches 3 meters. They differ in the unusual color of the needles, with a bluish tint.

- El Hoops, Edith, Fat Albert, Omega or Oldenburg. They grow up to 15 meters in height. Suitable for single and group planting. A beautiful view is created due to the silver color with a bluish tint.

The plants listed above are used for planting in large areas.

To choose a place for coniferous trees in the garden plot, you need to remember only one thing: coniferous plants, like deciduous plants, love the sun or shade.

Shade-loving are: spruce, green spruce, ordinary juniper.

Lovers of the sun: Sochi, pine, thuja, golden fir and others.

First you should plant the sun-loving species, and then the shade-loving ones. In the shade of the first, it is especially important in compositions, for example, rock gardens and rocks. It is also necessary to consider the size according to which the seedling will grow further.

Improperly planted Korean spruce can shade a very large area, in its shade sun-loving plants cannot develop normally.

It is hard to imagine the yard of a private house without trees. In summer, they not only provide a pleasant shade and a fresh aroma during flowering, but also carry a certain amount of energy. You can make the environment near the house aesthetic and comfortable, live in harmony with nature, learn the magic of plants, take care of health, be protected from problems and attract happiness.

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