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Yard Plants And Their Energy

Updated: Mar 8

What trees can be planted near the house - tips from a landscape designer

Not all trees and shrubs can be planted near the house. There are plants that have a positive value, but they cannot be planted near the house. The question of which trees can be planted near the house is often logically explained by the following characteristics:


Planting cherries near the house is a good sign. It is an unpretentious plant that requires minimal care, and in spring it blooms beautifully and has a pleasant fragrance.

Cherry is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity, this tree is especially revered in the East. It is believed to bring success. It is said that a fire lit under a cherry tree during the flowering period increases wealth. You can plant cherries in the place where you plan to cook barbecue, kebabs and other summer dishes. This is a good decision in terms of attracting material wealth.


Juniper shrubs

Juniper is one of the most powerful plants that protect the house and can drive away negative energy. If you plant it near the house, the plant will protect all members of your family. It should be placed in front of the house, not in the back yard.



A rose looks beautiful at any time of the year. In addition, he protects the well-being of the family whose house he grows up with. It attracts love and strengthens relationships in the family. This is an extremely positive-thinking plant. The main purpose of the wild rose is love, passion, strong and stable family ties.


Larch bonsai

Larch bonsai looks especially attractive in autumn. This tree is essential for those who constantly experience reasonless fears and anxiety. If planted near the house, it helps to cope with depression, melancholy and other psychological problems. It helps to look at life positively and restore mental strength.



Acacia has a positive effect on offspring. It treats infertility in both men and women. In addition, it relieves stress and improves mood.



Pear is a symbol of motherhood and love, stability and longevity. It can be planted near a residential building, because it also gives positive qualities - the ability to communicate and make friends.


A maple near the house will help to remove negative energy. It brings longevity, love and wealth to your home. Reluctance is a guarantee of peace and self-confidence.


Apple tree

An apple tree is an excellent option for planting near the windows of a young girl's bedroom. It gives beauty, charm, confidence, success in love and happiness in family life. The apple tree is also associated with eternal youth and longevity. All fruit trees, such as peaches, are also good trees for planting near the house.


Your garden is like music: it all depends on the notes you play.

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